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Eren Bali

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Founder & CEO of Carbon; Chairman and founder of @Udemy. Previously CEO of @Udemy, worked at @Speeddate, @BitGravity • Dual degrees at Math and CS. #30Under30
Investor. Cofounder @Udemy.


Shawn Jones

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Inspiring Creative Director skilled at leading, evolving & creating multi-channel brand solutions and building internal creative teams, operations and process.

Hélène Grossetie

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Krista Muir

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Extremely driven in demand generation, marketing strategy, fixing things, and creating innovative experiences.

Josh Odenheimer

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Acquisition + Paid Ads Manager with B2C & B2B experience and a passion for growth marketing

Andrew T Tosiello

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Worked at Udemy

Octav Druta

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Director of Product Management @Udemy

Adam Levinson

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Product Manager, Mobile Apps

Paige Finch

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I’m a freelance video editor and motion designer who’s worked with clients including Pixar, Udemy, Airbnb, and more! Talk to me about your motion + video needs.

Cara Brennan Allamano, MS, SPHR

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I build HR/Recruiting Functions in start ups

Issei Suzuki

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Brenda Tern

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Manager, Talent Acquisition at Udemy

Mars Williams

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Empathetic data engineer and mobile developer with solid problem solving skills. I thrive with autonomy and responsibility. I love building tools and product.

Caelum Shove

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NYU MBA student, formerly Udemy and Extole

Natasha Robinson

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"If I put you in a cage w/lions & came back a week later you would be lead lion"- CoFounder

Darren Shimkus

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Board members and advisors

Paul Lee

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Founder & CEO @roniin; Founder & GP @BuildersVC. Former GP at @Lightbank - led Seed/Series A investments in Udemy, Sprout Social, Carbon Health, CourseKey.

Brad Keywell

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Co-founder and Managing Partner of @Lightbank
Co-founder of Entelo. Founded four previous companies, three acquisitions (two by publicly traded co's) and a fourth which is profitable. Former EIR at Battery.
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Former team

Adam Treister

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Patrick Tynan

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Kyle Fox

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Cansin Yildiz

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Robbin Arcega

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Veronica Spindler

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