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Harry Zhang

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Interned at Thetalklist, Dongxing Securities and SPD Bank. MS in Business Analytics candidate in Bentley Univerisity. Interested in data analytics.


Daniel Lee

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Rahul Shirpurkar

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Went to University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Sehily Carlson

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Thomas Ebrahimi

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I am a recent graduate who worked on marketing campaigns, directed television shows, and published poetry.

Ikenna Ebigbo

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Worked at UCSD; The Ebigbo Group. Experience with Management, Instructional Design, Team Building, & Investing. Went to University of California, Santa Barbara.

Chloe Yueh

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Grace Chen

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Incoming freshman at Brown University looking to pursue a career in UI/UX design

Heidi Rataj

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Alvin Chung

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Worked at Providence Medical Technology, UCSD. Experience with Java, Python, R, SQL. Went to University of California, University of California, San Diego

Shannon Lee

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Cora Xing

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Andrew Benser

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Benyam Alemu

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Software Engineer - builder of iOS applications that over 40,000 patients use. Lead software development as the primary Software Developer of several apps.

Andrew Roa

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Ana Rodriguez-Soto

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Inspirational digital marketing guru with 20+ years experience growing brands. Shari's Berries, VP of Marketing, speaker.
Product leader that has delivered strategy and execution for startups and Fortune 500 companies including BitTorrent, Snowball, RockMyRun, P&G and Qualcomm.

Former team

Shutong Li

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Jian Qing Zhen

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Godwin Pang

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Ian Thomas Stafford

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Spencer Sheen

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Zhaoyi Huang

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