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World's First News Source Comparison platform

World's First News Source Comparison platform

Ground News Pro is the world’s first news source comparison platform. Drawing from more than 40,000 media outlets worldwide and featuring an average of 30,000 news stories per day, we empower readers to arrive at the truth themselves. For each news story, we find dozens of publications across the political spectrum and from around the world covering the same event. Readers can quickly get a comprehensive view of what’s being said, who is saying it, how it’s being presented, and where and when in the world it was published or aired.

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Co-Founder @Ground News ; Previously consulting @Bain and Company sales @Proctor and Gamble ; @UWaterloo Engineering '12

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Co-Founder @Ground News • Previously COO & CFO @Onefootball , Vice- President @Rolls-Royce , Engineer @NASA@INSEAD MBA, @International Space University