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We prevent water damage in multi-residential buildings

We prevent water damage in multi-residential buildings

UBIOS.ai helps residential multi-tenant buildings prevent water leaks & lower their energy costs. The solution integrates IoT with AI to automate a building’s water security and energy usage.

Water damage is now the #1 reason for home insurance claims. Each year it costs insurers billions of $, settlement costs have increased 130% over the last decade, while deductibles have risen 600%. While applicable to all homeowners, multi-tenant buildings urgently need a working solution; for them, water damage to one results in damage to many, multiplying costs and insurance claims.

UBIOS’ smart water valve is always shut-off; it only opens, automatically, when tenant needs water. If there is no water, there is no water leak! The AI-based solution requires no app and addresses the landlord’s need for continuous monitoring and scalable management. Additionally, UBIOS’ holistic multi-sensor infrastructure enables delivery of value-added apps, and building risk level for insurers.

Mathieu Lachaîne

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UBIOS smart technology prevents water damage in multi-resident buildings Previsouly, 15+yrs cybersecurity entrepreneur. Executive MBA

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