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The Personal Guitar Teacher in Your Pocket

The Personal Guitar Teacher in Your Pocket

Uberchord is a mobile learning platform for guitar and other musical instruments. Our (patent-pending) audio recognition technology is pretty unique and enables us to provide a new learning experience: the app listens through the built-in microphone of the device and adapts to the user's progress in realtime, giving instant feedback just like a personal guitar teacher. Beginning with a chord trainer, Uberchord teaches both popular songs and musical concepts in a Duolingo style with a fun and interactive gameplay.

Eckart Burgwedel

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Lawyer by training, software professional by vocation, entrepreneur by heart. Hobby Guitarist. Wants to change the way people learn musical instruments.
Founder Uberchord Engineering, studied Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zürich.
Working as a freelancer in advertisement and graphical design for various international clients.
Founder Uberchord Engineering • Worked at @ETH Zurich. Studied CS at @University of Hamburg. Passionate guitarist, pianist and singer. EduTech advocate.

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