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Founder of uberall.com. Engineering algorithms and business strategies.


Sarah Dock

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John Henn

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Sales Challenger | Relationship Forger | Global Citizen | Fascinated by mobile, gaming & tech @Ground Alumni: @Uberall @HMD Global @BlueStacks @PlayMob @Tapjoy.

Stefan Remer

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Worked at Uberall

Tjerk van der Lande

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An Operations & IT leader, with a strong Supply Chain and Geo-technology background.

Eleni Bampalouka

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Worked at Uberall

Steffen Giebeler

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Operations & Customer Success specialist, with a product focus. Highly motivated and driven to succeed.

Carolin Richter

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Went to Beuth Hochschule Für Technik Berlin

Daniel Castillo

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Software engineer and design enthusiast

Caroline Nguyen

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tehsin daya

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Corporate and Business Development, Channel partnerships for global organizations. Creative and strategic vision. Pepperdine MBA.

Viktor Evgeniev

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Product manager & digital technologies addict

Shasha Zhu

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8 years of Key account manager / Customer Success experience from Uberall, EDITED, Google & JPMorgan. Fluent in English, Hungarian, spoken Chinese.

Denitsa Stoycheva

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First year Business student, motivated and passionate about the big World of Business.

Déborah SOUDRY

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Worked at Uberall

Dustin Jaros

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Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Manager at Uberall Photography | Copywriting | Branding | Content | Social Media | Visual Storytelling
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Board members and advisors

Serial entrepreneur and company builder 10+ companies co-founded, 20+ years tech entrepreneur in Berlin. Founder & CEO @Found Fair Ventures @mybet @Novedia
Founding Partner of Project A Founding MD of Rocket Internet (2007-2012) Co-founded JustBooks/AbeBooks Europe (sold to Amazon) Angel investor in 80+ companies
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Former team

Bastian Bothe

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Sinem Tuncer

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Katheryn Abbatuan

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Josha Benner

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Paul Berman

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Ryan Badke

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