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Rowell Fiel

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Michelle Chang

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Managing programs in recruiting operations

Jason Jiang

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Berkeley CS, Senior Eng at Blend, Tech Lead at Uber, Worked at LinkedIn, experienced in web infrastructure, Android, iOS, and full stack web development

Patrick Burke

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Tech Recruiter/Manager

Arun Nagarajan

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Uber, Google, and a couple of other startups.

Lori Carter

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Monique Sudirgo

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Technical Outbound Sourcer at Uber

Tosh Giles

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Bryan Lee

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Board members and advisors

Founding Partner at @i/o ventures, @Golden Gate Ventures, @Savannah Fund, & @Presence Capital.  Previously CEO of @Lefora, @Meetro & paragon5

Joe Stump

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Co-founder of @Sprint.ly, @SimpleGeo, and @Attachments.me. Former Lead Architect at @Digg.
Early: Uber, FB, Twitter, Alibaba, Shopify, Duolingo, etc. Podcast: 400M+ downloads. 5 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers. 100+ media outlets (NYT, Fallon, etc.).
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Former team

Alexandra Dworsky

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Ryan Gaffney

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Jesse Robinson

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Eden Emerson

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Zachary Heller

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Khang Tran

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