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The credit card, reinvented.

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A credit card from a tech company, not a Bank. Fintech credit makes up only a very small fraction of overall credit, but it is growing rapidly and Tymit will be at the forefront of the digital disruption in credit card world

At Tymit our mission is to reinvent the credit card to make it honest, safe, and more transparent, so you can achieve more peace of mind when managing your finances. To prove this to our users, we have built an elegant and very intuitive app linked to a credit card that’s designed to achieve better financial well-being and control like never before.

Based between London and Madrid, our talented and growing team is committed to create a diverse and fun work environment putting the user at the centre of every decision we take. At Tymit, we have a mantra, customers are first because that's what drives us and our growth and we'll continue catering to them that way.

We are small, but we think big. ?? Do you want to join us?