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Automated & Personalized Onboarding for the modern workforce.

Automated & Personalized Onboarding for the modern workforce.

Tydy is building the world's most comprehensive onboarding platform.
Tydy brings together
1) Employee Data Capture - gives employers the ability to quickly and digitally capture all employee data through the lifecycle.
2) Automation of all onboarding processes (like verification, data capture and data enrichment)
3) Engagement to get new hires up to speed in the shortest time possible.

Tydy saves global brands like Unilever over 9000+ man hours and reduces first year attrition by 65%.
UX Consultant for digital platforms / Chief Product Officer @Tydy . Specialized in building product and service ecosystems.

Nikhil Gurjer

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Worked with multiple startups in web apps, mobile apps and payments eco-systems.

Kiran Menon

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Founder @Tydy • Enabling great HR Teams around the world. Worked at @Opera Software, @Technology Holdings.

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