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Global Leader in Onboarding Automation

Global Leader in Onboarding Automation

Tydy is building the world's most comprehensive & automated onboarding platform. Our platform saves global brands like Unilever over 18,000+ man hours and reduces first year attrition by 65%. We do this by bringing together ... 1) *Compliance Automation* - Deliver paperless, automated and integrated data capture, documentation, verification and compliance processes. 2) *Content Automation* - Personalize induction, training and knowledge transfer through in-depth segmentation and targeting on a global scale. 3) *Data Orchestration* - Manage & automate the flow of data to the right person, system or process at just the right time. With Zero Coding required.

Senior Full Stack Engineer (6+ years Only)

Gaurabh Mathure

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Chief Product Officer @Tydy . Specialized in building product and service ecosystems.

Nikhil Gurjer

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Worked with multiple startups in web apps, mobile apps and payments eco-systems.

Kiran Menon

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Founder @Tydy • Automating Onboarding & Engagement. Worked at @Opera Software, @Technology Holdings.


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