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Don't build chatbots. Design conversations

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Twyla is a seed-funded startup in Berlin, developing the next generation of enterprise conversational technologies. Our chatbots bring together machine learning and rule-based techniques in product that is intuitive enough for non-technical people to use. Additionally we are focused on liberating complex enterprise data to power these chatbots and deliver superior customer service. Check out our latest press at hubraum.com/node/2815!
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Conversation Designer

The world is becoming more conversational, with chatbots taking centre stage. Great chatbots need design expertise, bringing together UX design, copywriting and logical thinking.


German-speaking Conversation Designer

Die Welt wird immer dialogorientierter, wobei Chatbots im Mittelpunkt stehen. Große Chatbots brauchen Designkompetenz, die UX-Design, Copywriting und logisches Denken miteinander verbindet.


Conversation Design Intern

Are you ready to join the AI revolution? As Conversation Design intern, you will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of critical thinking and designing conversations between chatbots and humans.