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Continuous biometric authentication in the workplace through Behavioral Biometrics.

Machine Learning Engineer

$90k – $135k estimated
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We are looking to expand our team to include a full-time machine learning engineer.

Due to our relationship with the US Government, we are only permitted to hire US Persons for this role (generally US passport or Green Card holders, with a few other exceptions):

Why us:

Modern identity security is synonymous with annoyance, be it passwords, text messages, hardware tokens, etc. TWOSENSE.AI is invisible, continuous multi-factor authentication, based on behavior. We use AI to enable any system to learn to recognize the user based on behavior, such as gait, typing behavior, usage patterns and many more. Our mission and product is fundamentally changing the nature of secure human-computer interaction, and will have a positive impact on all technology in the near future. This is a unique opportunity to join an ML-driven team just after liftoff. We’re engineer-founded and led team of PhDs and outstanding software developers out of Brooklyn, NYC. We value transparency, agency, and engineering culture.

What you will do:

You'll be working directly with the founding team on our core product. Your day-to-day will be a mix of data science (non-deep ML work) and applying new deep learning techniques from image, video, and voice processing research to behavioral data. The ML role is involved in everything from ETL, data cleaning, preprocessing, feature extraction, modeling, testing, evaluating, productizing, and to some extent deploying. You will also be involved in the pipelining and automation of the algorithms.

What we look for:

- Strong ML fundamentals (algorithms, math, statistics)
- Strong Python skills.
- Experience with varied data types.
- Experience in feature engineering across different domains.
- Experience with feature learning
- Experience with template matching and statistical machine learning.
- Experience with deep learning and deep learning frameworks.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

John Tanios

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Co-founder & CTO @TWOSENSE.AI, Founder @OneClick Solutions Full stack engineer with expertise in data science and deep learning.

Aleksey Levkovskyi

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Algorithms Engineer @TWOSENSE.AI Specializing in Android Development, Embedded Systems and Full-Stack Engineering.

Dawud Gordon

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CEO & Cofounder at TwoSense, PhD in Computer Engineering, specialized in machine learning for extracting human behavior from mobile and wearable sensor signals.