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Twitch has a unique set of technical challenges. Examples:

Every month we ingest, transcode, and store 150 years of video and then deliver more petabytes than you can count on both hands and a foot.

Write live video SDK code good enough to go into AAA game titles

Scale the largest (by concurrents) IRC server cluster on the internet

Deliver amazing web, iOS, and Android experiences.

We have high expectations, but we'll support you to the hilt to help you meet them. Plus, video games!

Our People
It’s sort of a given—every career page invariably talks about how awesome and incredible the people you’ll be working with are. But objectively, we ARE the most awesome and incredible! We’ve got everyone from young grads who are excited to try to change the world, to grizzled dot-com veterans who have done it before and want to do it again. We have people with graduate degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and college dropouts whose primary qualification is the ability to get things done.


Full benefits, including medical, dental, vision and life
401(k) savings plan with a company match
Catered daily lunch and dinners (and twice a week hearty breakfasts)
Unlimited snacks and drinks
Monthly in-office massages
Corporate gym membership
Free Clipper Card to pay for your commute from anywhere in the Bay Area
Flexible time off policy
Weekly happy hours and opportunity to attend one gaming event or tournament
Top of the line technology to help you build your own workspace
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