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Cofounder/CEO @ Twine. World-class workforce analytics. Founding team member of a Nike Innovation team. Berkeley/Wharton.
Cofounder/CTO @Twine Labs . MBA @Wharton School, Physics/CS @Harvard


Connor Swofford

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BizOps @Twine Labs | FMR Founder @Paytronage (Acquired), @Lumni USA, @At Kearney, @Dicks Sporting Goods | @Wharton

Gavin Yerxa

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Bizops & Strategy Lead at Twine Labs.

Lucas Ethan Tiong Jun Wei

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Amit Lohe

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CS/Business at the University of Pennsylvania (M&T). Passionate about smart cities, sustainability, and tech.

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Ivor Peles

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Heewa Barfchin

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