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Front-End Engineer

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Twine helps companies like Zapier, Credit Karma, and DollarShaveClub make smarter people decisions - like how to predict turnover, build diverse and high-performing teams, and compensate fairly.

We’re hiring a Front-End Engineer** to build beautiful, useful features and interfaces that transform how users interact with our people analytics product.** We’ll give you as much opportunity as you can handle. This will be a transformational, career-defining choice for you (and for us!) as Twine continues to grow.

Your responsibilities.

Your focus will be shipping high-velocity, high-quality features and product improvements that deliver a valuable and delightful user experience. You’ll collaborate with engineers and designers (and directly with Twine’s founders) to solve complex technical challenges as we deliver against an ambitious product roadmap.

You’ll work across the full stack (Python, Django, AWS), but focus particularly on on front-end features and interfaces that immediately benefit users (React, Redux, D3).

What you’ll accomplish.

In your first week, you’ll:

  • Deploy to production with a simple bug fix or UX improvement, and pair-program with a Twine engineer to learn how we build software. (In fact, you’ll do this on your first day.)
  • Get personally on-boarded by Twine’s founders and learn more about the company’s mission, culture, and values. You’ll write a user manual and a Personal Development Plan outlining exactly how you want to grow over the next 6-12 months.
  • Join our weekly sprints and start picking up tasks alongside other engineers that contribute to our product roadmap.

In your first month, you’ll:

  • Own a small but important feature. You’ll build and ship a user-facing feature, for example rebuilding our first-time user login with a more professional design and UX.
  • Understand our code base and architecture. You’ll learn our full stack (from ETL scripts in Airflow, to our Django/React web app, to our AWS/Salt infrastructure), since your projects will require you to interact with all components of our system.

In your first three months, you’ll:

  • *Own an ambitious technical project that immediately impacts our users. Some examples from our roadmap: *
    • Building interactive employee visualizations (React/D3)
    • Creating styled consistent components for a new design system (React/CSS)
    • Implementing role-based permissions in our web app (Python/Django)
    • Building predictive analytics and alerts (Python/pandas/numpy)

In your first year, you’ll:

  • Continue to drive product improvements and feature builds. With more experience, you’ll pick up bigger and bigger pieces of our product roadmap. You’ll learn design patterns and code practices that help you grow as an engineer.
  • Invest in system improvements to maintain product velocity. You’ll understand our product, systems, and roadmap well enough to advocate for tools and infrastructure investments that make front-end development faster and easier.
  • Look back and see your immense growth. You’ll look back after a year at Twine and realize you've grown 10x as fast as you would have anywhere else!

What will help you succeed.

  • Experience building modern, complex web applications. You’ve ideally built and maintained web applications with complex data requirements, and you’re very familiar with at least one modern Javascript framework (React, Angular, Vue).
  • Experience working in small, high-velocity product teams. You know how to ship product and work in teams that value fast product iteration. You’re comfortable weighing trade-offs between functionality, quality, and technical debt.
  • Drive, ambition, and grit. You’ll join a world-class team, including senior engineers and advisors who are founders/CTOs of billion-dollar companies. You’re inspired to work with great people who push you to learn and grow, and hold you to high standards. You’ll have massive ownership and a steep learning curve, picking up new responsibilities as you grow.

More about Twine.

Our team: Our CEO, Joseph, spent years immersed in people analytics research and helped found an innovation team at Nike that grew 10X in a year. He’s also an Inc. 30 Under 30 recipient. Our CTO, Nikhil, studied physics & CS at Harvard and has spent a decade building products in data analytics and machine learning.

Our technology: Our data ingestion pipeline (Python/Airflow) captures people data from recruiting and HR platforms and uses it to create valuable analytics and insights for our users. Our web application is built in Django and React/Redux, and we use D3 for advanced data visualizations. We use AWS infrastructure, and SaltStack to streamline dev ops, scaling, and deployment.

Our values:

  • Be intellectually curious and humble. Have an insatiable desire to learn, not to be right. Be a “learn-it-all,” not a know-it-all. Have strong convictions, but listen to and learn from others.
  • Believe in exceptional outcomes. Believe that ordinary people can do incredible things with the right attitude and will. Be positive, inspiring, and optimistic. (At the same time, acknowledge the demanding work ethic and drive required for success.)
  • Get it done. Focus on rapid learning and execution, and be willing to roll up your sleeves and contribute any way possible. Be indomitably resourceful, drive through obstacles, and deliver on goals.
  • Help others be great. Treat your teammates, customers, and partners with respect and kindness. Have positive impact on others in all interactions.

If the role isn’t an exact fit but you’re interested in learning more (we're hiring across the stack), send us a thoughtful note! founders@twinelabs.com

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