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Twine builds software that helps companies make important decisions about their workforce: how to identify and reward great performers, how to predict employee turnover, how to help people learn and grow in their careers.

Now we're hiring our first designer to build elegant, insightful, and beautiful products using our rich people data. You’ll get the rare chance to create a design system from the foundation up, and have massive impact on our growing product and team.


* Build flows, prototypes, and visuals for every stage of product development, from conception to user testing to launch

* Set the highest standards for design at Twine, from defining our high-level style to crafting the details of every visual and interaction

* Become an expert on our users (C-level executives), running interviews and usability testing directly with senior leadership at some of the world’s fastest-growing companies

* Design products that are analytical and qualitative, visualizing employees not just as statistics, but as individuals with unique stories and backgrounds


*Be intellectually curious*
Have an insatiable desire to learn and seek the truth, not to be right. Be a “learn-it-all,” not a know-it-all.

*Think and work deeply*
Invest deeply in first-principles and long-term thinking. We expect and encourage deep insights and innovation from the entire team.

*Get it done*
Help to drive outcomes in any way possible: by being focused on execution; by being willing to roll up your sleeves and do what’s needed; by putting in the input energy; by being indomitably optimistic and resourceful.

*Help people be great*
Treat teammates, customers, partners with respect and kindness. Have a positive impact on others in all interactions.

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Cofounder/CEO @ Twine. World-class workforce analytics. Founding team member of a Nike Innovation team. Berkeley/Wharton.

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