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Uber for tutoring

Tutree reshapes the definition of a tutor moving forward to include high performing students within a community who are far more accessible.

Tutree eliminates scheduling issues for both students and tutors. Students specify their preferred tutors and the time they are available. Tutors only need to accept or deny a request, rather than keeping a specific schedule open.

All tutors through Tutree are verified and reviews maintain quality standards on teaching ability.

Traditionally, people seeking tutoring use brick and mortar tutoring companies with long on-boarding processes for both students and tutors. These companies tend to be fairly expensive and require large tutoring packages that often go beyond students needs.

To avoid that, some students will use craigslist, yelp, or another unverified method for finding a tutor more quickly. Finally, some students will resort to online video tutoring, but most tend to prefer an in-person session.

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