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We connect the best undergrads in less than 5 minutes to teach high and middle school kids


WELCOME TO TUTORMUNDI We believe A players attract A players and B players attract C players. It sounds like a Silicon Valley cliche, but it is true. So, if you are part of TutorMundi, congratulations, you're an A player and we are happy you decided to join us. In order for us to achieve our big dreams of giving everyone a Carl, we need to work interdependently. So it's important that you understand our culture. If you have any question, please speak up. Everyone Understanding. Tolerance is for cowards. Being tolerant is for cowards. Being tolerant requires nothing from you but to be quiet and not to make waves, holding tightly to your views and judgments without being challenged. We need to work hard and move into uncertain territory to establish mutual understanding and respect. chiefexecutive.net/tolerance-cowards-att-ceo-calls-better-race-relations-rous… Nothing on TutorMundi is somebody else's problem Much of our world is gripped with a sense of fear and insecurity—fear of losing opportunities, homes, or our future. The mindset becomes: “I’m going to focus on ‘me and mine.’ However, our most important work, the problems we hope to solve or the opportunities we hope to realize require working and collaborating with other people in a high-trust, synergistic way—whether at home or at work. stephencovey.com/blog/?tag=interdependence Priority Task - User Feedback Tasks with label "Student Feedback" have priority above all. To make it clear: No other task can be initiated until we have all "Student Feedback" tasks FINISHED. So, two important rules: Treat EVERY complain of customer as SUPER IMPORTANT. Giving everyone a Carl is an important and ambitious mission. We have to confront large challenges, and none of us can do that alone. We need to work together. How do we work together? That’s where guidelines come in. Don’t become a slave to the rules. Use your best judgement, always remembering that the rest of the team relies