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Saied Amiry

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Marketer, Growth Expert & Data-Driven Storyteller. Advisor. Worked at @LinkedIn, @Quinstreet • Studied at @Wharton School, @University of California, Los Angeles

Micah Fisher-Kirshner

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Joanne Yuan

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Ben Holloway

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Worked at Turn/River Capital, Intuit. Experience with Agile methodology, agile methodologies , Acquisitions. Went to Hamilton College

Maggie Miller

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Backgroudn in sales & marketing at various startups. Now Investment Development team at Turn/River Capital, a non-traditional tech private equity fund.

Benjamin Holloway

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Worked at @Intuit and @Morgan Stanley and was a tech Investor at Turn/River Capital for four years. Currently pursing my MBA at U Chicago Booth.

Chase Sorgel

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Founder @karto-1 • Growth at @PayPal • Marketing Exec @REPOWER by Solar Universe • Studied @University of Colorado-Boulder

Evan Ginsburg

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Alvin Ang

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VP at Turn/River Capital, Sales, Marketing & data geek.

Former team

Natalie Levy

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