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Access news articles by training artificial intelligence

Access news articles by training artificial intelligence

We want to enable news to remain free, and publications to remain independent. Staying informed is an integral part of human nature - and now, more than ever, it is an essential requirement. As the digital age has progressed, sources of news have multiplied, attention spans have decreased and channels of revenue have increasingly come under control of providers of distribution, rather than generators of content. Creators of this content play a critical role in our society in terms of shaping opinions and disbursing facts - and Turkbox aims to provide an alternate source of revenue to these crucial actors: embeddable web widgets that grant access to articles in exchange for the completion of simple data classification tasks. Digital journalism dominated by paywalls tides against the inclusivity that is a founding principle of the internet. The ability to know about the world must not remain confined to those within a walled garden: Turkbox wants to leverage the need for classified data to help support independent organisations trying to keep news free, and thus, knowledge open.

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University of Illinois '19 | Co-founder, Turkbox
Physics & CS, Harvard '20

Tanay Vardhan

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Design-focused developer / University of Illinois '19 / Co-founder, Turkbox