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Real Intelligence | Engineered Artificially

Real Intelligence | Engineered Artificially

Tuple (tuple.tech) is a VC backed visionary artificial intelligence startup which wants to provide business solutions in most intuitive way. We have created an AI Engine for Customer Behavioural Forecasting, Content Optimisation & Marketing Automation, using plug-&-play data science. It is easy to setup alternative of traditional costly & tedious data science infrastructures. It is being used by Managers & CEOs for marketing or product optimisation and can be accessed through an NLP chatbot.


- Up to 50% uplift in revenues by effectively using data for customer analytics
- 40X faster decision making with plug-&-play data science
- 12X cost effective compared to traditional analytical setups


- Minimal data required. Only 4 columns of transaction data are enough
- No Infrastructure required
- East Setup
- Easy Connection - Attaches to SalesForce or your own database
- No Data Science or Coding Needed
- Constant Improvements with Machine Learning

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