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Lee Brown

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Partner with entrepreneurs as their co-founders to build and invest in their global SaaS businesses from Alaska.
Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor. Identical Twin. Founder @TUNE, @Keeni


Haidai ji

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scott la rue

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Zaq Wiedmann

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Zak Kalles

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Customer Support Engineer at TUNE

Yee Chow

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Sales Executive at TUNE

Uriel Weisz

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Timothy Ting

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Ruby and Rails specialist interested in machine learning/AI

Tam Phan

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Currently working at Moz as Director, Strategic Accounts.

Steve McQuade

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High performing technical leader with extensive experience in software design, development, distributed computing, optimization, rich media platforms, media...

Sina Yeganeh

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Shlomo Lockerman

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Shay Karpeles

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Support manager at TUNE

Sean Allen

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Worked at TUNE, University of Washington. Experience with Redux, React, PHP, Angular. Went to University of Washington

Saira Nayak

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Randy Schott

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Senior Front End Engineer at TUNE
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Board members and advisors

Rich Wong

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Partner at Accel

Lee Brown

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Founder @TUNE

Lucas Brown

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Founder @TUNE
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Former team

Michael Hoglan

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Roie Cohen

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Chuck Fuller

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Loraine Kanervisto

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Bob Jenkins

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Tim O'Neil

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