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Setting Wholesale Free

Setting Wholesale Free

We’re putting a billion dollars back in the pockets of local businesses. Tundra is reimagining wholesale with a frictionless marketplace that allows independent businesses to freely transact, scale and thrive. We sell and deliver product directly from US and Canadian brands to savvy businesses around the world, and around the corner. By eliminating transaction fees and markups, we empower our community of buyers and suppliers to keep reinvesting in their growth. Every dollar spent at Tundra is a dollar that directly supports local businesses. Come be a part of our community.

Senior Software Engineer (Scala, Backend)

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend, React/Angular, TypeScript)

Senior Software Engineer (Full-stack, Scala, TypeScript, React/Angular)

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Senior Product Manager

Operations Associate

Co-Founder Tundra • Worked at @McKinsey & Co • Studied at @Dartmouth College