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Ali Asaria

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CEO of Tulip Retail. Founder of @Well.ca. Creator of BrickBreaker. Software Developer. Ecommerce Guy.


Casey Woods

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Melissa Udvari

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Employee Success = Business Success. I believe in the power of innovative HR; to support the culture of an organization, empower employees to succeed...

ZJ Hadley

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Building diverse and thriving companies in downtown Toronto.

Jeff Hoffmeister

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Dana Fadel

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Tulip Retail

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Worked at: @Tulip Retail , @Well.ca, Finance @IBM & @BlackBerry, MBA @Wilfred Laurier University, CMA, Computer Engineering @University of Waterloo

Tony Salomone

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Site Lead, Engineering Director at @Google
Product executive & angel investor in commerce startups. UX fanatic. 10+ years in the industry working with leading companies.

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Melissa Udvari

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