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TUBBR is often referred to as Visual Slack for masses, Pinterest of Social Media as well amalgamation of Whatsapp into Instagram. Imagine your very own personal spaces with family or close friends, your Sunday Yacht club or even an Inside Circle of office? The future of the social network is Discrete, Personal, Collaborative. That's the sentiment in almost any social media or tech conference. TUBBR is the answer to all these. Our motive is to connect the next billion people better and empower them to create sustainable passive income and To make TUBBR an ultimate social communication & discovery platform.
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Saurab Uttam


CoFounder @TUBBR , Technologist, I love #startups
Growth Marketer & Digital Evangelist @TUBBR World's First Personal Social Network


Sneha Sharma

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Founding Member & Community Lead @TUBBR Influencer Marketing | Growth & Digital Evangelist | Social Media Enthusiast | Blogger | Content Writer | Dog Lover

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