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World's First Personal Social Network

World's First Personal Social Network

TUBBR, as we like to call it, The World's First Personal Social Network lets you create Private & Public social sharing spaces with your Friends, Family & Fans. Today's social media's world is filled with a lot of irrelevant content and chaos. And, in search of meaningful and personalized engagement, we all are now moving towards smaller, more intimate and engaged micro-communities. But, this changes with #TUBBR, the next-gen social media app. - Its your personal social network - Call it Visual Slack for Masses - Organise your stories - Collaborate with friends - Discover like-minded people - Follow your interests - Add Music to your Stories What makes TUBBR unique? TUBBR is the only social media platform that lets you share stories with the right audience, hence bringing the 'Relevance' back into the social networks. Currently, TUBBR is in Alpha Phase - I, Available via Exclusive Invites Only. Kindly, request for TUBBR Access Code on TUBBR.co

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