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Real-time assistance and coaching for sales reps

Real-time assistance and coaching for sales reps

Wingman listens to sales calls, and in real-time tells reps what to say, to close more deals. Our customers use Wingman for real-time assistance and to coach sales reps. It helps reps with things such as competitor battle-cards, cue cards for objection handling and to bring up relevant talking points for every product feature. Wingman was funded by YCombinator (S19)

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Fullstack Engineer

Loves technology and its journey from idea to customer. Current: CEO@Strings.ai Past: MBA@IIMA, IBanking @Morgan Stanley , BD @Payoneer @Intellectual Ventures

Srikar Yekollu

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Worked at Trilogy, Amazon, Google and Uber as an engineer and currently a founder at Strings.ai

Muralidharan Venkatasubramanian

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Co-Founder @Wingman (YC S19) . Formerly @Google and @Like.com engineer. Computer Science @Indian Institute of Technology - Madras 2005.