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Sales and Marketing Operations Lead

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Pico is looking for a Sales and Marketing Operations Lead to join our fast-growing, mission-driven team. We believe that a strong democracy requires a robust Fourth Estate. That's why we're committed to building a sustainable revenue model for news media in the age of Facebook and Google. As the first business hire to join our team, you will be working directly with the founders to further improve Pico's product-market fit, maintain the near 0% churn of existing customers, and build an outbound funnel to attract new customers.

This role is perfect for someone who is interested in a wide variety of tasks. Some days, your role will be administrative, like helping to get leads in HubSpot up-to-date. Some days, you may be running outbound email campaigns. Other days, you might be writing and providing input on language for automated emails sent to sales prospects.

Your Qualities:
- You have a growth mindset and are constantly improving at all the duties you take on
- You think of critical feedback as a mechanism to help you improve
- Deeply interested in early stage startups and how they grow
- Possibly interested in starting your own company one day
- A good writer and excellent with people, ideally in a sales capacity
- An avid do-er: when you commit to something, you accomplish it
- Curious to experiment and OK with failures that may result
- You thrive in environments that have deeply vague and undefined problems

- Run a variety of channel experiments, like paid ads, SEO, sponsored newsletters, partnerships, in-product links, cross-promotion, and more
- Help Jason (Pico’s co-founder) reply to inbound and outbound email for sales
- Maintain deals in HubSpot and help Jason close them
- Write outbound email copy sequences and launch Mixmax campaigns
- Write copy for email sequences based on a lead’s status on Pico
- Help define Pico’s ideal customer profile and build lists of prospects (you’ll have help)
- Analyze reports in Google Analytics to optimize lead acquisition across different channels
- Do 1-1 sales calls when appropriate
- Talk to customers and learn what they like about Pico

You won't be alone. Pico is working with a growth consultant that will help train you, structure your work, and provide insights on how to be effective in a role that requires you to wear many hats. Read more about this type of role in the blog posts below:
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