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On the hunt for a COO!

About the Business:

HappyHour is an upcoming travel platform that helps people live happier lives through shared experiences. See the link below for details on the “initial idea”.

We are following the lean product playbook process (a book by Dan Olsen), lean startup philosophies and design thinking principles to iterate from this initial starting point using customer-centric research and prototyping. Following this process, we invalidated a model for a local experience marketplace (the MVP was too difficult to pull off with enough differentiated functionality for both sides of the market to gain early traction), and have pivoted to the travel space, where we believe there is more opportunity. Our research from the previous model and this new one currently supports this.

See our current website here: https://www.hellohappyhour.ca/

Current Traction
HappyHour is a Next Canada Accelerated Venture, with $25,000 in pre-seed funding, and access to $50,000 more through Next Canada. We've spent the last +6 months doing market research, customer discovery interviews, and prototyping to build a social experience platform we know is going to be big.

To put the value Next Canada brings into perspective, consider this. The person who runs the Next Canada program we’re leveraging has selfies with Elon Musk because they are “buddies.” Next Canada owns 4% of HappyHour and their mission is to “create externally fundable companies”. We are one of those companies.

We have a team of 11 interns working on everything from product management, to social media marketing right now, and would love someone to come help mentor them and drive the company forward!

This summer, our CEO will be connecting with some of the world's biggest investors through Next Canada. To get the funding we need, we need to develop our MVP Product and demonstrate evidence of traction in the form of user demand.

About the CEO, Your Potential Partner
Prior to HappyHour, our CEO, upon graduating from the UBC Sauder School of Business (in Entrepreneurship), grew NiceJob, a B2B software (SaaS) company, to 23 full time employees with more than $2 million in annual recurring revenue. NiceJob was recognized as one of the top 2 startups in BC in the 2019 New Ventures BC competition (won $60,000), and was listed on the Ready to Rocket list of fastest growing tech companies in BC. This was all done without any investors. Prior to that he ran an event marketing company with teams across 12 Canadian cities.

See more here: http://www.connorjwilson.com/work-with-me

Our Current Challenges

  • Continuing market research efforts: competitive analyses (big data analyses of reviews, interviews, deep dive feature reviews, etc), secondary research (industry reports, whitepapers, studies, etc.), and primary research (in-person interviews, focus groups, surveys). Results will be used to continually update our business model canvas, inform our product and go-to-market strategies, and to form financial forecasts in combination with our MVP prototyping.

  • Defining/Designing our MVP: Following an agile methodology, from our research we’ve developed user stories under the jobs-to-be-done model (popularized by companies like Intercom) to ideate on, and then prototype via interactive mockups in Marvel/Figma (design tool). These MVP prototypes are tested with our group of beta testers using observational research. Once we’ve decided on our MVP candidate, we’ll build it for launch (and continue testing with what will now be a higher fidelity product).

  • Building our launch list: “Build it and they will come” doesn’t work. We need to generate demand for our product to present to investors and drive product adoption when we launch. This means building our email list and social media followings via content marketing and strategic partnerships.

  • Raising our Pre-Seed/Seed Round: We had this secured through the CEO’s personal funds (to the order of another $50-$150k), but unfortunately due to COVID-19, plans fell through and that’s no longer an option. Instead, we’ll now need to get the MVP prototype ready to present to investors for the end of summer. Our goal is to raise our series A by December, since VC’s need to deploy their capital by the end of the year or they won’t get their management fees, but due to COVID-19, 2021 is likely to see a greatly dried up investor market.

Who We’re Looking For
A COO: This is the main thing we’re looking for. What we need is a COO who loves to implement and execute business plans, and who focuses less on the big picture, and more on the details, but can see both. As CEO, my strength lies in the 1-5 year out range, so we need someone who’s going to be amazing at the 1 week to 1 year out range. This blog post explains the type of person we’re looking for:

We had someone working with us but unfortunately they weren't able to commit the time needed and had to give up the role. They continue to be great supporters in our user test Facebook group.

A CTO: We don’t need this yet (but open to discussions). It’s only once we’ve defined the MVP and initial product roadmap that we will. Additionally, the MVP will be as low-code as possible for expediency purposes. The main reasoning behind this is that it’s generally more prudent to have business experts decide what the customers want, and then work with engineers to figure out how we’re going to build it. Next Canada will be assisting in this, and they have a large network to draw from.


  • Salary: To start we won’t take salary, as we’ll want to preserve cash until we raise our pre-seed/seed round. We’d work part time to start (or as much time as you commit) until we raise our pre-seed/seed round. We’ll likely pay ourselves $45k each to start when we can, then raise our salaries once we get our Series A. The nice thing about running your own business is that we have the ability to set these salaries ourselves, based on what is most prudent for the business.

  • Ownership: Until then, and thereafter, the main compensation is equity in the company. You will be a full partner and major shareholder. Like all startups, equity will be subject to standard vesting periods.

Have flexible work

Working remotely from home in your PJ's is fine with us. We just care about results.

Reach your potential

You'll learn and grow with others from top universities to build the future.

Have fun. be supported.

We do fun things as a team, and focus on helping people over profit.

Be recognized & respected

We hate hierarchies and bureaucracy. You will be will be important from day one.

HappyHour at a glance

Exciting experiences, hidden deals, rousing relationships. Coming soon

HappyHour focuses on Online Travel, Technology, Travel, and Travel & Tourism. Their company has offices in Vancouver. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.hellohappyhour.ca/ or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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