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The Culture

> We’re fun. We’re friendly. What more could you ask for. ;)
> You’ll get to help people, and people will help you. We all genuinely care and are passionate about helping other people more than just ourselves.
>You’ll be recognized and respected.
> We’re proud to have a diverse team, with an equal gender split on the executive team.
> Strong employee development (mentorship) with others from top universities in a culture of humility.
> Hierarchy Schmhierarchy. We let you be your own boss here, we’re just here to keep you on track and give direction.

Perks and benefits

Have flexible work

Working remotely from home in your PJ's is fine with us. We just care about results.

Reach your potential

You'll learn and grow with others from top universities to build the future.

Have fun. be supported.

We do fun things as a team, and focus on helping people over profit.

Be recognized & respected

We hate hierarchies and bureaucracy. You will be will be important from day one.