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Trybe.ai - Fueling an inclusive economy by changing the way we work. We're building Scrybe, an AI/Voice assistant for managers. Scrybe is a meeting effectiveness app that sits in the background of meetings, taking notes and tracking important things like action items and decisions. It evolves with the manager into a personal performance coach: providing unique insights that unlock the potential of great leaders and teams. With Scrybe, manager effectiveness is simple and measurable. TEAM & CULTURE We are a small and exponentially growing diverse team of product experts from LinkedIn, Google and Khan Academy, organizational behavior experts from the Israeli Military, Data Scientists from MIT and Oracle, and a killer developer team lead by a chief of artictecture from a Fortune 500 SaaS company. We have a strong Values based Culture: Have Vision: Shoot for the stars; aim for world-changing impact on the things that matter to you Focus on Results: Keep the end result in mind as distinct from process, build bridges to get there, and keep evaluating your next step to the end goal Have Courage: Take risk to challenge and improve the status quo and seek solutions to hard problems Be Curious: We strive for constant improvement and learning, within ourselves as individuals and as a team Create Trust: We show respect and give trust as a default, and then seek to earn the trust we've been given Be Transparent, Compassionately: seek to be honest, direct, courageous, candid, respectful and professional in all our interactions

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