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On-Demand Construction Services

On-Demand Construction Services

Flock is a platform for on demand construction services. Our initial focus will be on connecting contractors with the trucking industry (dump trucks, flatbed trucks, etc.). This platform will provide benefits to both sides of the B2B marketplace. Currently, a contractor procures a truck (typically an owner operator) via a broker who reaches out to all the trucks in his contacts list and offers them the job. Once accepted, they are dispatched to a job-site and work under the direction of the contractor for the specified period. The contractor has no viable way to track the trucks on their job-site which can lead to waste of resources. The contractor also has a hard time verifying hours on a trucks ticket at the end of shift. The contractor must eventually agree to pay a broker for the hours being claimed by the trucks. On the other side of the marketplace, trucks have a lack of market transparency as they are at the mercy of a broker. When they receive a job, they have a hard time communicating with the contractor on the job-site which leads to inefficiencies. At the end of the shift, they must get the contractor to sign a paper ticket that shows how many hours they worked (easily lost). The broker bills the contractor and pays the driver but takes a brokerage fee. With Flock, contractors will be able to broadcast their trucking needs to all drivers in their geographical region that meet their specified requirements. Drivers will be able to view all available jobs. Once accepted, they will be able to utilize their personal phones to quickly locate their job-site and communicate with the contractor. The contractor will also be able to tap into the GPS capabilities of the driver’s phone to manage trucks on the job-site and provide direction if required. At the end of a shift, a contractor can digitally accept the hours that a driver has worked and will not have to spend countless resources trying to verify hours. This will allow for automatic invoicing/payments.

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