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Try clothes from your favorite online stores at home for free.




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Founder CEO @Try.com Focused on retail, ecommerce, fashion & fintech. Built last retail chain to 10 stores in London, 70+ employees


Sierra Chantal

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Worked at Try.com, Nordstrom. Experience with Adobe, Adobe Photoshop, Business Development

kyle henderson

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A Full Stack Developer working at Try.com using mainly React, TypeScript and GraphQL, with a passion for functional programming and type systems.
Senior Content Strategist at Try.com
Polyglot mobile engineer, API Design, FinTec, Machine Learning. Experience with taking a product from idea to market. I specialize in React Native, iOS & UI.

Joey Trevino

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Joey Trevino

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I specialize in taking startups from Seed to Round C.

Louisa Viana

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Focused on Acquistion & Growth. Current Member of @Pipeline Angels & Operating Partner at @Subtraction Capital . Early stage hire at @Practice Fusion.
Senior Software Engineer at Instamotor. Ex-Yahoo

Anže Cesar

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Board members and advisors

Marketplace fan. Strong product and business background, ex-eBay, MS Stanford. Will be your first call when you need it.
Founder @Instacart
CEO of @Philo. Part of founding team at @Facebook.
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