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Plan your next trip by your interests

Plan your next trip by your interests

What makes a trip, a vacation great or memorable? The things you do in it, the activities, the sightseeing and the organised tours. but the thing is, the way we plan and book our trip online is actually more destination based and doesn’t take into account the things we love and want to do on our vacation. We go to our vacation and then we start looking for stuff to do. Some of us that actually plan our trip in a more detailed way, have to waste huge amounts of time and energy to find and book activities and tours that fit our needs and wants. Now, what we aim to do, is to give people the ability to search and find tours, activities and events in a simple and friendly way, to help them realize their perfect vacation, that is tailored to their desires. Our goal is to make people excited about their upcoming trip and get inspired. Our mission is to change the way people plan their trip. We reinventing the tour industry.

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