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Better Business Through Greater Transparancy

Better Business Through Greater Transparancy

When we look across the world of finance and investments we can see many thousands of companies vying for business across the globe. These companies range from the largest investment banks in the world down to the individual financial analyst who deals with investors on a personal level. The range of products which are on offer to clients on a corporate level and a retail level are astronomical. They cover everything from general investments such as buying shares in companies to corporate loans, financing of projects, venture capital to fund seeding. Need I go on?
In an increasingly globalized world, we see more and more companies approaching investors or fund seekers on an international level. This is of course good for international economics but alongside this there is the ever increased risk of getting scammed or defrauded. We have developed a concept and application which will help put investors business participants at ease.

Paul Mears

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Serial angel investor in tech , application and bio. Currently in process for ICO for Modex /Moneymailme. Feeling disruptive and decentralised
Founder Trusted In Trading Partner WSA Partner WSAC Partner UBC Partner Parking Spy Founder The Mobile Equity Game Company APS • Worked at @SAXO Bank

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