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Frontend Developer

€40k – €50k
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Trustap is on the move! We are a funded start-up based in Cork offering an exciting new technology to the ever-growing electronic payments industry. We are looking for a passionate frontend developer who will help set up and maintain attractive and responsive frontend applications for our platform. Security and stability are big requirements for our platform, so knowledge and experience in these domains is a must.

This will be an exciting role for someone who is interested in collaborating on frontend applications using contemporary designs and best practices, as well as using modern tools and frameworks. Applicants for this role should be passionate, creative, and confident in their own ideas, but should also be able to articulate and justify their ideas clearly, as well as being able to take and apply constructive criticism.


* At least 2 years of experience in a modern frontend framework such as VueJS, React or Angular (preferablyVueJS)
* Modern JS best practices, including OOP, (Vue-style) reactivity, clean code, and linting
* Node, NPM and webpack
* Maintaining public-facing packages using semantic versioning
* Proficient in DOM manipulation
* Experience in mobile UI development is strongly preferred
* Experience working with REST API’s, including authentication
* Experience styling with CSS, SASS or SCSS
* Experience in implementing web animations (CSS transitions, SVG animation)
* Proficient in optimizing web performance
* Proficiency with GIT, including branching strategies, merging, and dealing with remote/shared branches
* Some familiarity with server-side languages (PHP preferable)
* Experience developing plugins for any of the CMS solutions (Shopify, WordPress) is not essential but nice to have
* Knowledge of frontend security, including XSS vulnerabilities, CSRF, CORS and token security (storage and transfer)


* Improving and maintaining our own web applications
* Developing and maintaining our own libraries and widgets using our REST APIs
* Optimizing existing applications for speed and scalability
* Optimizing the existing UI of applications with a strong focus on the mobile experience
* Cross-browser and cross-platform testing
* Liaising with the design team


* Flexi-hours
* Remote work
* Balanced IP contract (github.com/github/balanced-employee-ip-agreement)
* Equipment ordering
* Various personal insurance
* A lot of autonomy

We are open to discussing equity options during the hiring process.

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