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Power the new era of financial innovation


Value People ?

People matter at TrueLayer. We believe that we will win together as a team. We are not here to compete with one another but rather to support, collaborate and bring out the best in one another. We celebrate each others unique traits and value individual strengths while recognising that we all have weaknesses. This is a place where each person can be their authentic TRUEself.

Take Risks ⚡

We are a startup in an increasingly competitive landscape and we aim to be at the forefront of innovation in the Open Banking space. In order to deliver the very best products to our clients, we believe that we need to think creatively, push boundaries, act fast and take (calculated) risks.

Own It! ?

At TrueLayer, we execute, build, make, and do things ?. We are all responsible for and care about the overall success of the company, from our product to our people to our processes. Each and every person is empowered and encouraged to impact the business in positive ways. If you see a problem, we want you to go right ahead and sort it (then say it!).

Think Big ?

We are a company with big, bold global aspirations ?. We are powering the new era of financial innovation by growing the Open Banking economy. In order to execute on our vision and mission we believe that every single one of us needs to be thinking about the future of this company and our industry. This can seem overwhelming so planning and starting small are key!

Enjoy Life ?

At TrueLayer, our people are our greatest assets and we understand that everyone has a life that encompasses more than just their work. We want you to have fun while doing your best work! We encourage TrueLayeristas to take care of their wellbeing and cultivate a life that makes them happy and fulfilled both in and out of work.