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AI-powered front desk automation for multi-location enterprises

AI-powered front desk automation for multi-location enterprises

True Lark (truelark.com) helps local businesses engage customers through AI-powered support, sales, and marketing. Tight staffing and nascent web and mobile presence result in opportunities lost due to missing calls, insufficient customer outreach, and slow responses to customer requests. Additional staff, call centers, and mobile apps are often expensive and ineffective; they take time to develop and adopt, and deliver restrictive user experiences. True Lark's solution is a change in paradigm which delivers a remarkably human-like virtual assistant on modalities consumers love (text, voice, and web chat) to automatically engage customers, answering questions about products and services, booking appointments, etc. In the beauty, wellness, and fitness space, True Lark has already driven more than a half million customer interactions, enabling businesses to substantially increase revenues and save staff time, while simultaneously delivering world-class customer experiences.

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Supriya Rao

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CTO @sciblerapp.

Joy Prakash Das

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Worked at Groupon, HiPower Support Centre Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. Experience with Team Handling, Audit, Analytical skills, Call Center. Went to BPUT, Odisha.

Tapan Patel

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Environment, Cars, Photography, AI, Cycling, Developing World
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