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Idris Mokhtarzada

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Founder/CTO @Truebill. Co-Founder/Architect @Webs. Angel Investor

Haroon Mokhtarzada

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Founder/CEO @Truebill(YC W16). Founder/CEO @Webs(acquired by @Vistaprint). Founder @SGN(acquired by @MindJolt). Strong product focus. Harvard Law.


Cameron Mills

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Worked at Brandless, Bamboo. Experience with Marketing Management. Went to Miami University

Sean Garschi

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Building the future of fintech.

Tasneem Kabir

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Rei Heinrich

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Brad Moreno

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A strong operations professional who is skilled in Customer Service, Public Speaking, and Social Media management. Works well in hectic fast paced environments.

James G Navarrete

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Customer support superstar, ready to tantalize and delight your customers with exceedingly friendly and empathetic service and support.

Yang Shan

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Analytics @Truebill. Math @UC Berkeley

Diana Ellis

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Operations & Finance

Daniel McGrath

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Hiring @ Truebill

Reyn Holden

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Yasi Samimi

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I enjoy getting challenged by complex problems and overcoming them with creative solutions. I can help your team craft a strategy with rigorous test and learn.

Samantha Bailey

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Operations professional with experience in HR, events, people & culture, and community management.

DeWayne Roy

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Entrepreneur since age 12. I love technology and startups.
VP of Marketing at Truebill. Previously led growth at Aaptiv. BS from Columbia and MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Turhan Buckley

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Working at Truebill. Experienced in general Operations, Metrics & Analytics, User Experience and Growth.
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Board members and advisors

Founder/CEO @Truebill(YC W16). Founder/CEO @Webs(acquired by @Vistaprint). Founder @SGN(acquired by @MindJolt). Strong product focus. Harvard Law.

Former team

Jessica Malini

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Elaine Tran

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Deeba Fahami

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Sean Yang

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David Shore

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Nash Lomeli

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