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Private Sharing For Real Friends

Private Sharing For Real Friends

True was founded in Mill Valley, California. It’s a lovely little town just north of San Francisco filled with giant redwoods, beautiful valleys and neighbors who look after each other. It’s this real-life Happy Valley that inspired us to build a company that gets back to things that matter. Real friends and real life without commercial interruption. It’s the quality of our relationships, not the quantity that make us happier. It’s the joy of making new friends and connecting with old ones that strengthen our sense of community. Somehow, in a rush for growth and profit, these feelings have been lost. Social today no longer feels like a Happy Valley, it’s more like we’re all living in a big creepy commercial. Big social companies are in the middle of our relationships. They’re taking our best intentions and selling them to the highest bidder. Well, we’re just not going to do that anymore.

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Founder & CEO @True, @Evostor, @Radiant, @Micom • Product, Strategy, Culture, Design • 5x Founding CEO.
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