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Veteran Reviews HQ

Veteran Reviews HQ

TroopScore lets veterans and their families take control of their healthcare, benefits and education with the power of vet-to-vet ratings and reviews. We make trust and transparency work for vets, their families, and those who serve them.

The simple and easy-to-use web app appeals to healthcare, government, non-profits, and education verticals with its superior engagement of vets and their families. The verified nature of reviews on the site and long-term engagement it encourages can lead to greatly improved service and outcomes, along with increased loyalty and life time value from veteran patients and clients.

TroopScore currently has every U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facility nationally listed. The directory is steadily adding the more than 45,000 organizations and non-profits that promote their services to vets, along with colleges & universities and online and technical training programs.

TroopScore helps veterans and their families take control of their healthcare and benefits with trusted vet-to-vet and family-to-family reviews.
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