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We are a budding AI startup working on an AI Assistant to automate some of the mundane tasks at work. We recently launched our product Troopr Assistant on Slack after 10 months of research and development.

As a chat first workplace productivity solution we aim to build a more human friendly and productive workplace. Troopr Assistant operates primarily from within the Slack application for simple interactions and seamlessly extends into browser based applications for more complex actions.

Forbes reports that by 2020 over 50% businesses will adopt chatbots to support their operations making chat first solutions the future of work. Additionally, chat first solutions are becoming an effective way to attract, retain and engage millennials as 82% millennials are estimated to quit the workforce if workplace technology is substandard.

At Troopr, we are obsessed with building the next generation workplace experiences for our customers and we are pumped that our early adopters have responded that they have started using Troopr as their “source of truth” for team work. They also reporting improved team engagement, increased productivity and better team alignment after adopting Troopr.
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