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Around 100 years ago, commerce and retail operations entered the most serious shift in history. Industrialisation has brought to our shelves mass-produced, mass-distributed products and mass-marketed brands. Unfortunately for small wine producers, they can only craft by hand a small batch each time and thanks to the three-tier system, distribution happens at very low margins and sometimes even at a loss. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-tier_system_(alcohol_distribution) Most wineries in the world (circa 80%) are small mum-and-dad businesses. Passionate about crafting a piece of art. Most are not business savvy. Most are not tech savvy. Most struggle with simply emailing those who love their product, and love their story. Yet, to survive, they need more people who care about them, to talk about them. Direct sales is key to their survival. This total disaster extends to every wine lover. The best wine stories ever encountered can hardly be brought home or shared with those we care most about. That's wineries and microbreweries alike. --- At Troly, we are slowly rebalancing the industry. By connecting wineries together, our project builds the volume and leverages our collective power to help each winery into their direct sale journey. Think of it as Fair Trade Wines! We do not have fancy swanky offices (many work from home!) We have an intimate interest in ensuring each winery and microbrewery stands the test of time. We work very closely with wineries, on a first name basis, to educate them, and show them the tools they can leverage to make their journey easier. It will be written in history that Troly.io changed the industry. Watch this space.