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Redefining athlete limits with a wearable and app that actually guides to better training



Founder of TritonWear • Strong Business & Technical Background • UW Mechatronics Engineering • Masters in Industrial Management and Business

Darius Gai

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Founder of TritonWear • Strong business and technical background (Deloitte, Heliospectra, General Motors) • University of Waterloo Mechantronics Grad 2011


T.J. Jones

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Katie Marr

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Head of Marketing at TritonWear. Over a decade of developing businesses, brands, high converting content strategies, and successful global companies.

Matthew Hanselman

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Head of Digital @TritonWear, was Engineer @Guvera, founder Hockey Robotics, uWaterloo Engineer (2011)

Board members and advisors

Janet Bannister

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Partner at Real Ventures.  Successful online entrepreneur.
Co-Founder of BufferBox (Y Combinator, acq by Google) now early stage investing via Garage Capital. Previously Google X, Project Fi launch team. Waterloo Eng.
Engineer • Designer • Developer • Hacker. I always like having coffee with passionate people who like to solve problems. #thinkoutsidethevalley based in Canada
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Former team

Trevor Bajzik

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Megan Raddatz

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