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Learn languages, make friends, help each other.

Learn languages, make friends, help each other.

Nearly half of the people who learn foreign languages say they do it so they can travel. A third of them say they do it so they can make new friends. I’m sure you all know someone like this. In January, millions of people say they want to learn a new language but by February they’ve already given up. It can be very discouraging when most language learning apps today fail to help the average user achieve conversational fluency. So how do we help these people keep up their language learning pursuits?

Triskk is an app that uses machine learning to pair learners with language exchange partners and lets them experience fun, engaging scenarios in real places around the world together in a role-playing game. The immersive scenarios ensure language retention while the friends ensure user retention. We’re giving language learners exactly what they want: new friends to travel with.
Founder @Triskk. Classically trained musician. Avid hiker. Lover of Python. Proponent of lifelong learning. Former actuarial analyst and business consultant.

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