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Michael Pargal Lyngdoh

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Co-Founder of Tripoto


Rishabh Goel

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Nikunj Sharma

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Mayank Kapil

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Ankur Aggarwal

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Trisha Singh

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Hiring for Digital Ad Sales and Brand Solutions.

Sahil Chaddha

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Enthusiast iOS Developer

Ashish Choudhary

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Software Developer at Tripoto

Apoorv Nag

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A Full Stack Developer with a passion of programming, excellent debugging skills, expertise in designing scalable backend architecture.

Aakash Chotiyal

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UI/UX Designer at Tripoto. Formerly at Systematix Infotech, Lok Bharti
Mixed experienced professional in Digital Marketing, certified in Google Analytics

Archit Saxena

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Backend developer, keen on Search and ML.

Saurav Mishra

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Worked at Tripoto, SEO Analysist at Tripoto Travel Pvt. Ltd. (New Delhi). Went to Karnataka State Open University, 76.5

Rohit Arora

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Created some features like notification, Chat, ElasticSearch, AWS integration, Image processing, Growth Hacking, Optimisation, Auto Deployment, Auto scaling

Akhil Verma

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Board members and advisors

Karan Mohla

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Former team

Gaurav Minocha

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Ankur Sharma

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Chetan Wadhwa

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Ratan Mehta

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Md Tauseef

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Jivesh S. Gahlawat

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