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Trip Alfresco is a new startup travel firm that offers specialised theme based travels, beginning with focusing on particular aspects of India and Indian culture. Each theme is created after a thoughtful, exhaustive research session between our team of travel enthusiasts in collaboration with historians and experts to learn about the subject's origin, historical influence and evolution across the period to its current state. Only after a thorough inspection, an itinerary of places, touristic sites are developed as a part of the travel package, which would be traversed in support of other guides and experts. Of course, its not all study and no play, there would be comfortable stays in best hotels, palmy relaxation segments on the beach, excursions to the wilderness and chilly mountainous shivers. Basically, exploring alfresco ! To research and develop many more interesting themes expanding several other countries (beyond Indian and neighbouring few south-east asian countries), dynamic and smart individuals and entrepreneurs are needed with good office infrastructure for which we seek crowdfunding and collaborative support.
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