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We are rebuilding payments from the ground up, no more cards just low cost rapid payments

Senior Software Engineer/CTO

£40k – £60k • 1.0% – 5.0%
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Looking for adventurous dreamers, heavy hitters, and well people who think outside the box. We are building a team full of people who are 10x better than we are, to make sure we can give everyone the best experience they could dream of.

About Trilo

We are rebuilding payments from the ground up, no more plastic, no more searching the drawers, your pockets, or the car doors. Everything is digital. Payments are made in seconds, and arrive to the business almost immediately.

Trilo is a cardless payments network, where you earn cashback whenever you pay, and the businesses receive their money in minutes paying only 0.1%. We are building something awesome, and truly different to that which is currently out there, giving putting business and consumers back into control of their payments.

Why should a business have to fork out 2-3% and wait 7 days to receive their money when you pay with your card.

We are fixing this.

We are giving business and consumers ownership of their payments. Businesses know how best to use their money, and that’s why we are sending it straight to them, so they can invest it and build amazing things! We are building for tomorrow, and having an absolute blast today!

How does Trilo work?

Ah for that you’ll have to come and find out ;).

Where is Trilo?

We are based in South West London, in Putney a couple of blocks from the river. No more stuffy, polluted, and loud Old Street offices for us.

What you can enjoy?

Having a great team, with an amazing work drive is brilliant, but we all need a bit of time to rest and relax, even when we’re working. We have an Xbox for breakout sessions, and are bringing in other bits and bobs for when you just need a good break from working.

There are some great parks around as well if you need to get outside for a walk, and if you cycle, Richmond is only 15 minutes away by bike.

The Role

We are looking for a mid/senior level software engineer who has experience with startups in the fintech space, ideally with experience in Open Banking. You enjoy building products from nothing, up to fully functioning systems which go live. You have an eye for detail, and can build a rock solid product by yourself, or while working with others.
Aside from development roles, you’ll also be involved in operations, AWS planning, and data tracking integration. You’ll work closely with the founders, and be a key component in growing Trilo.
What we’re looking for:
2+ years professional experience working on back and front-end systems at high-scale startups
Knowledge of Python and Django, React, MySQL, and AWS integration, as well as Jira/Agile experience.
A working knowledge of the entire web stack - from how DNS lookups are transmitted, to how browsers prioritise CSS rules
(Ideally) Knowledge and experience with machine learning, lots of fun to be had here...
(Ideally) Awareness of compliance and financial regulation, as well as Open Banking
(Ideally) Amplitude tracking experience.
If you don’t quite match what we’re looking for, but believe you can take on the challenge, then get in touch! We love ambitious people!

We are a brand new team, so having great people and team skills is important to us.


As well as a competitive salary, you'll also be able to receive equity options, along with a bunch of different perks:
New tech you’ll need for the job
Skip the commute and work from home once a week
Tea, coffee, juice and fruit on call in the office whenever you need it
Birthday off
Cycle to work scheme
Regular team lunches
30 days holiday per year

Vested Options

30 Days and More

Regular Team Meals

Cycle to Work Scheme

Work from Home