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Embedded Engineer

₹7L – ₹10L • No equity
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- Looking for someone with embedded systems experience.

- Coding experience in C, C++, Python

- Few years of in depth hands on with microcontrollers: ARM Cortex-M, MSP, ATMEGA.

- In-depth debugging and understanding of JTAG, SWD (and how they differ).

- Must know how to deal with RTOS and how to deal with threads and concurrency and state machines.

- If you've written complex code that manages itself in kilobytes of memory, you're in the right place.

- If you've done mbed.org programming, it's a big plus.

Technologies we use:

- We use Linux and gcc exclusively and you're expected to know your command line toolchains in and out. You should have done some network programming as well, so you should know your HTTP from your HTTPS. If you've done websockets, that would be a plus. Should have worked with external connectivity modules for GPRS, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth, on UART and SPI.

Do not apply if:

- Do not apply if you all you've done is write Arduino sketches or you haven't been coding in C and C++ for at least 3 years (hobby coding is even better than paid-for coding). Do not apply if you don't know what gcc is or all you've done is write example code. OTOH, if you have a github account that you actually use and you've written 5K+ lines of production code, we'd love to hear about you.

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