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Wikipedia for Subjective Material

Wikipedia for Subjective Material

Tribe allows users to collaboratively evolve original material by inserting a crowdsourced feedback loop. This method has proven to be effective with little supporting structure when the parameters of the feedback loop are universal to all participants. For example, Wikipedia’s feedback loop, though structureless, runs on truth and objectivity, standards that are generally common to all. However, an unregulated system breaks down when the feedback loop is based on personal opinion or individual knowledge - as these attributes vary greatly from person to person. To circumvent this issue, a voting system can be implemented that measures the combined opinion of a statistically significant number of ‘tribe members’ regarding each individual submission, resulting in either an acceptance or rejection. Following this method, each document should trend toward its stated goal, with the ‘group mind’ using individual intuition and judgement as a basis to reach a consensus.

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