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Virtual Beauty Coach for Multicultural 'Naturalistas'

Virtual Beauty Coach for Multicultural 'Naturalistas'

TresseNoire's new virtual beauty coach app combines your data with our technology and stylist network to coach you through a personalized beauty care regimen of products & services.

If you are unfamiliar with the hairstyling process for women with textured hair, it can be an out of body experience. Regardless of what Beyonce says, we oftentimes don’t wake up flawless O_O.

When you add the styling time to the painful process of finding the right products, the right stylists and the best hair styles that don’t really work with your busy schedule and crazy curls - needless to say, it’s frustrating. We know from very personal experience.

Enter Dee, TresseNoire's beauty pro in your pocket! She gets smarter with the more information you provide and when it’s time to buy new products or book an appointment, she will connect you to the good stuff you need.

Can you help us translate all of this fabulousness into an awesome, profitable product? We're hiring!

Marketing & Communications Intern